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If like me, you love to see beautiful women wearing leather boots then you will love my corner of the web. I have always enjoyed my leather boot fetish - thigh high - over knee - knee - all with high heels.

I started this site in 2005 with two girls wearing boots discovering their love of boots and each other and over the last 6 years the site has grown and grown until now this site is the largest leather boots dedicated site on the net. Who would have believed it every gallery ever made is still here! Updated without fail for 6 years every set and video all naturally dedicated to beautiful girls wearing leather boots!

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Sammi Jo loves to know we are watching her as she puts on these long leather boots. Long zips and she takes her time, first throwing off her shoes and then slowly putting her legs into the leather and then pulling up the zips. A true pleasure for those of you that like to take your time.




UPDATED October 22nd 2019

Thigh high high heeled boots with full length lacing detail. The cane she holds taps gently against the sole tempting you to get closer as she tells you exactly what she requires from you and you will succumb.




UPDATED October 13th 2019

The video starts with leather thigh booted miniskirted Axajay waiting for her partner,she walks up and down again and again her heels clicking on the paving stones. Finally taking a seat she sits at the table as she waits and lights a cigarette which she smokes all the way down. Lots of close ups.




UPDATED October 4th 2019

Yes I am improving all the time and this video is HD Quality and the very lovely and gorgeous loves to take one pair of boots off and put another on and be assured it excites her and turns her on as she tells you just exactly how much she enjoys doing this. Guys you will love Candi and I know she will love you all too.



Coming Soon

UPDATED September 25th 2019

Leanne has her own fan club who she really enjoys performing for o web cam. In this High Definition video you watch as she poses and shows her boots among other things to the viewers of her boot web can show.



Coming Soon

UPDATED September 16th 2019

"You're in the army now!" - said Charley as she drags her prisoner Elle into the compound. Then she pushes her head down and forces Elle to adore her boots which she does reluctantly at first. However Charley soon pulls up Elle's top revealing her lovely tits and the two really start to enjoy the boot play they are sharing and you can share with them too in this Hi Def Video.



Coming Soon

UPDATED September 7th 2019

Now I know how much you like to see Nicola posing in her knee high boots and in this set she really goes for it, the heels the zips. Everything comes into play and Nicola certainly knows how to play.



Coming Soon

UPDATED August 29th 2019

I know how much you love to hear the girls talk about how much they love their boots and to demonstrate the touch and feel as they describe how it feels. In this High Definition video Shay pulls on the boots telling you how it feels and how turned on it makes her and of course she is soon touching her wet pussy and really enjoying her boot love.




Coming Soon

UPDATED August 20th 2019

Cath walks out in her over knee boots all with wonderful sound and the she climbs over rocks. This is a genuine mini dress!



Coming Soon

UPDATED August 11th 2019

Louise likes nothing better than trying on a selection of leather boots and really enjoys these over knee spike heel pair. Taking her time putting them on all for our pleasure.



Coming Soon

UPDATED August 2nd 2019

Tina looks stunning wearing this very sexy leather bra and waspie set and combined with the sheer black stockings putting on these leather Italian boots, just finishes things off nicely. Thank you so much Tina!



Coming Soon

UPDATED July 24th 2019

The very lovely Lucy Zara returns to tease us as totally naked she pulls on these italian thigh high soft leather boots.



Coming Soon

UPDATED July 15th 2019

Louise comes in and takes off her shoes chatting the whole time, telling us how she feels about her boots and what she loves and shows as she puts them on.



Coming Soon

UPDATED July 6th 2019

You have seen the gorgeous and very very leggy Ashleigh in previous updates! Now watch as she slowly pulls on a pair of spike heeled very high thigh high boots onto those so very very long legs and just as great listen as she tells you just why she loves to wear her boots and what she likes to do in them.



Coming Soon

UPDATED June 27th 2019

Love my boots wench is what Lucy wants of Dannii and she is only too hapoy to oblige, using her fabulous body to clean and then her tongue ensuring all of Lucy's boots get the attention they deserve. Next Lucy uses the boots to pleasure Dannii with wonderful results. All talking and cystal clear sound and vision.



Coming Soon

UPDATED June 18th 2019

Axajay Sawford puts on these thigh high boots and tells you exactly what she plans to do with the guy that will be laying beneath her feet. She shows us and tells us how she will crush his balls etc. She gets quite carried away talking!



Coming Soon

UPDATED June 9th 2019

Wearing a very tight mini skirt Elle takes off her shoes so she can put on her thigh high patent boots and takes her time with the very long zips!



Coming Soon

UPDATED May 31st 2019

Frankie's husband hates her wearing leather so as soon as he has gone to work she invites us over to see her in a long leather coat, leather bra, leather ini mini skirt and of course over knee Italian leather boots. She tells us exactly.



Coming Soon

UPDATED May 22nd 2019

Louise sits down and removes her shoes then taking her time puts on these Italian soft leather boots, with hand stitching. She loves the feel and quality and soon has to see just how excited she has become.



Coming Soon

UPDATED May 13th 2019

Mmm taking her time to slowly pull the zips on her ling thigh high Italian leather boots. Once on she takes her crop and looks at you deciding what might happen next.



Coming Soon

UPDATED May 4th 2019

I know we all love to see Axajay and to see her in over knee patent black leather boots can only add to any thrill she brings us. Soft long lady lips, a dirty mouth and a sweet way of paying with herself all whilst wearing the boots!



Coming Soon

UPDATED April 25th 2019

Meet Joss in her first boot video. She tells you exactly why she likes to wear this particular pair, how they feel and what she would like you to do with them.



Coming Soon

UPDATED April 16th 2019

Ariel Anderssen wearing boots notices you cannot take your eyes off them and then not only tells you off for staring, but drives you wild while tases you by stripping down to just boots.



Coming Soon

UPDATED April 7th 2019

Mistress Amy likes nothing better than to get home and strip so she can really enjoy her patent leather soft black thigh hgigh boots.! Now she is free to enjoy fully enjoy the pleasure they give her and soon her fingers are working hard on her soft pussy lips bringing herself to orgasm.



Coming Soon

UPDATED March 29th 2019

Elle admires Charlie's boots and soon Charley shows Elle the boots she has just bought in her lunch hour and Elle has to try them on and of course Charley helps her as she slips her slim stockinged feet into the patent leather spike heel thigh high boots and Charley slowly draws the zip up as they giggle with pleasure.



Coming Soon

UPDATED March 20th 2019

There is nothing Leanne likes better than these shiny patent laeather boots. All the shine and dazzle yet inside the part against her soft skin is real leather soft and supple allowing her to really feel the exeperience of being booted.



Coming Soon

UPDATED March 11th 2019

Yes there isn't a lot more that Honey likes than to put the boot in with a few male victims but the one thing she really does enjoy when she finds herself alone is to change her boots and really enjoy them. In this video watch as she uses her boots to bring herself to a wonderful orgasm.



Coming Soon

UPDATED March 2nd 2019

The gorgeous Shay Hendrix is back and in this set showing us how she likes to wear these butter soft leather boots.



Coming Soon

UPDATED February 21st 2019

Wooden floors and Candi walking around in these spike heel boots will delight and excite. Lots of clopping as she walks and takes her turns around the table with loads of lovely close ups.



Coming Soon

UPDATED February 12th 2019

These two very sexy ladies wearing boots soon discover thier love of boots and eventually use each others boots to bring them to orgasm.



Coming Soon

UPDATED February 3rd 2019

Louise likes nothing better than trying on a selection of leather boots and really enjoys these over knee spike heel pair. Taking her time putting them on all for our pleasure.



Coming Soon

UPDATED January 25th 2019

A little bit of Honey as she enjoys stripping her clothes off and putting on a different pair of boots. She's so turned on as she spreads those long legs of hers wide open and enjoys the different boots!



Coming Soon

UPDATED January 16th 2019

Mistress Samantha wears a full leather skirt, long and heavy with knee leather boots and enjoys teasing as she strokes her boots and puts on leather gloves.



Coming Soon

UPDATED January 7th 2019

Lucy Zara loves her designer boots and I mean really loves them and in this video she tells us in wonderful detail how much she loves them as she pulls them on and slides up the zips and then when fully on she delights in pleasuring herself whilst still talking. One heck of a video.


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